Privacy policy

Ticki interacts with the Google API for Tasks using OAuth 2.0 technology for authentication. This limits Ticki to access the following information from Google:

  • Basic profile information like email and name (read-only). Ticki does not access this data.
  • Your task list - all task data including titles and detailed text. (Read/Write). Ticki accesses this data as a core part of the functionality of the app: Allowing you to create, edit, update and delete tasks and task lists.

Communication with this service is done though an encrypted channel (HTTPS). The tasks shown by Ticki are cached and stored locally on your harddrive between sessions for performance reasons. Neither the Google Task data nor the Google Profile Information is in any form transmitted to servers at Nilsen Labs or any third parties.

Ticki communicates with the Ticki Web Service at Nilsen Labs when the user opts to send error reports. No personal information and no information from the Google Services is sent in these reports - only technical data intended to aid the developers with error correction.

All locally stored data is deleted when you uninstall Ticki.

Last updated: 20th July 2019
Frode Nilsen of Nilsen Labs